Red mist

Don’t know why I did it. But I did. It was such fun at the time. It was how I imagine snow to be, soft, fluffy and warm. I chewed into my bed and to my obvious delight found some soft innards. And then I just lost it: snow, snow, let it snow!

After 5 minutes of pretending to wear a beard I realised that I had to undo this… I couldn’t. First time in ages I wish the parents weren’t coming home…

A place to stay

Today is September the 11th and there seems to be a lot of news about some fanatic, far, far, away, who wants to burn books (chewing books I get, they taste great, especially the long words…. destroying books? No!).


When will the fun be put back into fundamentalism?

I was walking in Highgate woods and found a small area devoted to dogs.

Where is Benjy now?

I try to help

Each day I leave a clue. My male human parent is constantly talking about design, texture, colour, arrangement and, yawn, no end of semantic dull stuff. Well everyday I try and help. My art is not just self indulgent twaddle referencing my poor background and tough life, but saddled in the real world. The Now. I have used my body to make the piece above, having to tolerate and de-code inane verbal barriers like: ‘Leave it!”, ‘No!”. But I persist and through my persistence I learn more about our world. Some call this mastication but I feel that is a little vulgar and prefer, at the moment, to be referred to as a Chewist.


Today I was looking through my iphoto library and a came across some images of my trip to Dorset, feels like ages ago, a few months which if you think about it is probably half my life…I digress, I came upon an image of me and a chicken. It made me think of all the philosophical things that matter, like waiting on the side of the road until the traffic passes, realising that cars are harder than animals. Do we only eat male chickens, so that the females can keep producing the eggs? Things like that.

Naked man human

Went for a walk, usual route towards Kenwood house hoping to meet Suzi. No Suzi. Slighly sad about this. My owner sees something in the bushes, I am of course sniffing at some delicious fox poo. Owner seems a little put out and then I see why. Emerging form the bushes is a male human who seems to have mis-placed all of his clothing from his waist downwards and his man stick was pointing upwards, slightly aggressively. I must admit that humans don’t really do nakedness very well and this person was particularly un-appealing, he was actually wearing a baseball cap and white t-shirt and trainers. With all the recent press about a certain Tory MP, I would have thought a baseball cap would definitely not be on anyone’s chosen list of attire. I checked the spelling on the cap and it did not say Hague.

Met a dog later and we laughed about prudish humans, while sniffing each other’s parts.