The internet has been switched off

The strange powers that be that control my access to the outside world have not been very good. I have been without a thing called I-N-T-E-R-NET for almost 2 weeks. This has also caused major anglo-saxon language in the studio. Thankfully this has all been resolved, but I must apologise for the lack of posts recently. Normal service will be resumed this week. Hungry now.

D&AD book launch

For the past 2 nights there has been a booklaunch showcasing my part in the D&AD annual and film. Was I invited? Did i get to mingle with the great and the good in advertising and design? No I was at home. Yuka came to walk me, I really like her, but it really isn’t fair. I have a long memory and my human parents you will pay!!!

Went to Lewes

Today was very busy. Had to get up early and get into that car-thing, I hate cars. I see some dogs who stick their heads out of the windows and sniff the breeze, why? My male parent tried that once and I thought he wanted me to get out of the window, so I tried. He was really annoyed with me. Humans are odd.

So today we went to Lewes in Sussex.


Saw this in a pub yesterday at lunchtime. Wasn’t in my favourite pub (the one with the very nice Scottish barperson who always looks after me with water and food and sometimes takes me for a play), no not there, it was a very dark place, smelling of old men and stale beer, mean’t to have the most difficult pub quiz in London, a most intellectual of places.

Well I don’t like it! Look at this painting they have proudly on the wall. Look at the poor dog, look at the child, the flag, and in the words of the greatest artist of all time, Rolf Harris, “can you see what it is yet?”. It’s cruel that’s what it is, Rolf. Worse than Hogarthian…

In the next painting the dog’s expression would have changed dramatically. It’s all just so casual, I think that’s why it scares me. Painting is a bit rubbish too. Perspective and sausage hands..hmm hungry. If I use the eyes will human parent resist?