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Today I had a call from Suzie. We arranged the rendezvous and I was too excited to bring my magic black box. So today I went through my archive which has no order as such.. But I just thought it was so beautiful. I also met Betty, my new FEMALE mate. Her mum used to give me steak when I went to the local pub. I like her. I am sleepy now.

Run Ponta Run

I’ve seen a very strange bridge today in the air. lots of colours, green, red, yellow, pink and blue, hmmmmm? I can see a WHAT? I just run and run and run to find the end. But could not get there… where did it go??? It gets all too much now. I am hungry. Go home.

It has been some time

I haven’t written anything for two months. It is not that I have been lazy but I have not been that well. I will fill in the gaps but suffice to say I’m feeling much better now. I had a problem with my wrists and obviously this makes typing very difficult. Typing is difficult anyway, I am, afterall, a dog and the qwerty keyboard was not invented for canines. Anyway, like Arnie, I will be back!

In my time away I have been doing a lot of thinking…