Saw this in a pub yesterday at lunchtime. Wasn’t in my favourite pub (the one with the very nice Scottish barperson who always looks after me with water and food and sometimes takes me for a play), no not there, it was a very dark place, smelling of old men and stale beer, mean’t to have the most difficult pub quiz in London, a most intellectual of places.

Well I don’t like it! Look at this painting they have proudly on the wall. Look at the poor dog, look at the child, the flag, and in the words of the greatest artist of all time, Rolf Harris, “can you see what it is yet?”. It’s cruel that’s what it is, Rolf. Worse than Hogarthian…

In the next painting the dog’s expression would have changed dramatically. It’s all just so casual, I think that’s why it scares me. Painting is a bit rubbish too. Perspective and sausage hands..hmm hungry. If I use the eyes will human parent resist?

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