It has been some time

I haven’t written anything for two months. It is not that I have been lazy but I have not been that well. I will fill in the gaps but suffice to say I’m feeling much better now. I had a problem with my wrists and obviously this makes typing very difficult. Typing is difficult anyway, I am, afterall, a dog and the qwerty keyboard was not invented for canines. Anyway, like Arnie, I will be back!

In my time away I have been doing a lot of thinking…

Day of remembrance

Now is close to midnight  and is almost Christmas day, it will be Christmas by the time this is written. I want to remember the past year, this picture is early autumn and this bench is dedicated to someone who is no longer here, that’s what my female human parent said. The flowers smelled fresh and I was tempted to chew but these were left by people who loved the one who is no longer there, so I didn’t. It would have been wrong, but instead of chewing I enjoyed the smell. Soon it will be a new year and a new start.

Email from Finland, where Santa lives

Hi Ponta, I want to wish you A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. Best greetings from Finland. We have a lot of snow here and I really enjoy it! By the way I like your blog.

Your friend from Finland, Lulu


Well, I say,  I really am international! Lulu (she’s now featured on my friend’s page), is from Finland which is at the top of the world and populated by creatures called Moomins, lots of Santa’s little helpers, Elves, has reindeer,  lots of snow and a big jolly bearded chap lives there called Mr Claus who gives presents to everyone. Best regards to Santa and all the forest and snow people in Finland!

I hope Santa got my letter about the snow in England and the shortage of bones and treats….

My latest movie role

As well as being an artist in the visual sense I can act even when confined inside a snow dome and shaken up. It was cold in there but you can see my skills in pretending that I look like I enjoy the cold and running. This is called method acting… actually I really enjoyed doing this….running, running… hmm hungry now.

Had my photo taken

Met Hiraki san who is a very nice man from Japan. He liked the way I pulled the stick. I’m not sure I understood what he does (humans said it was very interesting) but he rubbed my belly and that is always a sign of a nice person.



Great photo too, makes me look very clever…

Today it snowed

Snow, what is it? How did it happen? Why is it so cold? And why does it disappear when I sniff it. Not sure if I like snow, but I will give it a go, well, I might have to.

My leg is feeling a lot better today. Actually being a bit under the weather has been great…lots of bones and cuddles.

Saw Remi

Saw Remi at the patch this evening. She ran right up to me and I ran and ran with her. We didn’t play too rough because of my leg… but I ran and ran with her. It felt great. I’ve been very frustrated in the house. I know my male parent felt guilty about me running but I made him feel worse and he let me do it. Humans are very easy to man-ipulate.

Remi had had an operation a couple of weeks ago something called “shovelled” or was it “spaded”? Anyway she looked very well now and liked running with me.

Have a date next week with Remi: we’re going to the Heath. I hope Suzie won’t get all funny about this.


Last night we went to the patch for a spot of empty-ing before bed time and we said hello to an old dog chum. While we did this this big dog came running up to me and my male parent. The dog didn’t have a lead and looked quite aggressive so I growled at him. I’d never growled at another dog before and it came out a little high pitched (next time I’ll clear my throat first) but it did the trick. The big dog ran off, thankfully, he was three or four times my size. Who’s the DOG! Who’s the DOG? Me. I don’t like the idea of being a guard dog because of the long hours, the boredom and tiny TV sets, but when called upon I am a real dog! Felt quite proud of myself and my parent was very happy with me. Might try for a bone. Who’s the daddy?