Saw this the other night. Humans found it very funny. But since everything I do does not involve money, I don’t get it.

The contract I agreed to and is part of the dog charter is that: I, Ponta, do agree to deliver licks, wags and cuddles in return for walks, food, lodging and treats. I will also make my owner feel guilty if I am not walked and will, when really excited, jump. If I upset my owner I will assume the look of the cat in Shrek. Works every time….

Am, I bothered?

Yes I am, I just haven’t been blogging for a while. It has been a very long time and I have been thinking and thinking of how to manage this while still being an active dog. A lot has happened this year and I will have to recall from my extensive image library.

I had a bit of a shock the other day and this has made we want to start writing again. it is very important that I have a voice, even thogh I only seem to have few people who want to listen to me. But I remain hopeful that I can become more popular and become the spokesdog for all canine issues.

Hello world!

I am not a dog, I am the concept. Ima koko! いま!ここ!

I was born. I was abandoned. I was rescued. I used to be called Panther. I was adopted and I now live in London using the code name Ponta. My mission is secret or is it?

I am an artist and an intellectual, which is not an oxymoron since it isn’t just the thickos who make art. I don’t have to play scrabble in latin to show my intellect. You will see from the fluidity of my work and the mental rigor I use in its approach that there are many layers. More layers than a large onion, which is quite a lot if you think about it and also quite tasty.

Why are there unfriendly people?

Just look at this picture. Look at us all enjoying ourselves. Three dogs just having a laugh. It would be great if all of us dogs could meet up and just run as one big beautiful pack.. but we would probably scare all the handbag, fluffy dog owners. I think the fluffy dogs would love it too. It always seems to be the owners… shame because they miss out.

I try and be good, but I get excited and can’t help myself. I know the way people react to my “kind” makes my human parents sad but I’m just trying to say hello and these people could try to be a bit more open and friendly. Is it so difficult?


This is Nell. She likes running, wrestling, chasing, licking and playing  and then…running, chasing, licking and playing. I met her last weekend and she made my tail wag. Hope to see her again soon.

Memories; caption 123456780

Today I had a call from Suzie. We arranged the rendezvous and I was too excited to bring my magic black box. So today I went through my archive which has no order as such.. But I just thought it was so beautiful. I also met Betty, my new FEMALE mate. Her mum used to give me steak when I went to the local pub. I like her. I am sleepy now.

Run Ponta Run

I’ve seen a very strange bridge today in the air. lots of colours, green, red, yellow, pink and blue, hmmmmm? I can see a WHAT? I just run and run and run to find the end. But could not get there… where did it go??? It gets all too much now. I am hungry. Go home.