My letter to the editor

After a sleepless night., I felt I had to state my case. I had tried to sleep on it but ended up turning and chewing over this injustice. At 5am like Jeffrey ‘Walter Mitty’ Archer I began my work. After much bile letting, I settled on the letter below and duly sent it to the rag that is Ham and High.


Dear Ham and High,

It is with great sadness that I have had to write this email. Also it’s quite difficult to write as I am a seven month old dog.

In your eagerly awaited news item Pup Idol 2010 you miss-spelled my name. I was the winner of cutest pup and I am indeed a staffie and proud but I am calledPONTA not Nippa. I’d told all my dog mates and they convinced their owners to buy Ham and High (you must have noticed a surge of sales in the Highgate area) now they think it was all a cheese induced dream. It’s just so embarrassing.

I have included 3 photos which chart the highs and the lows of my experience of fame. I mean, how many dogs can boast that Liam Gallagher knows their name, well, apart from his own dogs… If I had a phone, he would be on speed dial.

Disappointed of Highgate


Cutest Pup 2010 Pup Idol

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