Lost Boy

On the way back from work, I met Suzi quite unexpectedly and we started to play. Then this huge yellow labrador arrived, I say huge because although perfectly formed I’m not that big… So he just hung around and tried to play with Suzi, I am proud to say that she didn’t have much to do with him and focussed on me! I think she likes me. So we played for ages and ages until the adults realised that this dog was without a parent. I mean, it was so obvious, but humans can be a bit slow. This lost boy was quite pleasant and although not the sharpest knife in the butcher’s shop, was quite okay.

So with one adult reading his tag while my parent used a speaking device, the roles were like this because the light was fading and my male parents sight for small type isn’t so good. So he phoned a “number” and talked to with my sensitive eyes a very relieved human.

A few minutes later and lost boy was found, sad to see him go and he looked like he was going to be told off. Hungry now, can we go?

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