Really quite early, lovely misty morning, looking forward to the rest of the day. If you look closely, I’m steaming! Cookin’ , even. I am a hot dog and I can cut the mustard.

Today I will work on the beats for my album. Track one will be called: Looking. It is all about senses and non senses.

The album will be a concept one, so some of the tracks might feel like they go on forever and will test the endurance of any listener. It will be loud.  My music will not be pop but dog-umentary-rok. It is the sound all canines want to hear. It is street, it is lamp post, it is barking! Could even be Dagenham (one stop on from Barking)It will follow no rules and if endless repetition is required to get a reaction, then so be it. It worked for Warhol and he was an illustrator of shoes.

I am every dog. You will see.

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