Walking in Hampstead

After yesterday, I felt so guilty. What with the recession and all, what was I doing destroying things? I have to behave well today or perhaps the supply of chewing bones will decrease. I’ll try not to pull on the lead. It’s a start.

We were walking on Hampstead Heath when I met my doppleganger! So much like gazing in the large window at home. Here in front of me was a very handsome chap called Vlad (I think the owner explained to my parent that Vlad was a name from a children’s book, a vampire who was a vegetarian, weird!). It was odd to meet such a similar creature to me. We hung around a bit, howled at each other and barked loudly. Oh, these are indeed happy, happy days, running in the grass, chasing, chasing… and then I became distracted… is it possible? But surely she’s normally here earlier… It was a vision of loveliness. It was my friend Panda, and she was so happy to see me. I could tell she was confused by Vlad but I’ve got longer legs… Vlad seemed to sneer at her a bit…and then it all got even more complicated… Suzi arrived! And she didn’t look too happy, what with me frolicking  so happily with Panda. I tried to explain it was nothing… just a dog thing… Vlad ran off laughing taking his ball… Oh, this was just too difficult, and for the first time in a week I understood what all that fuss was about with a certain premier league footballer, not that I paid for any of my ladies affections (no money, wallet or understanding of the fiscal system) or had a wife and small child (no testicles)… but from the look of Suzi I knew that I would certainly have to pay a high price for this minor indiscretion. Ooops… today started so well.

Trying not to pull, again, I went to work with my parent. Fell asleep under a desk dreaming of a life not muddied by relationship nonsense….Run! Ponta run, faster, faster! All with Vlad’s laughter as a soundtrack…. hungry now… Was Vlad real? There was something of the night about him.

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